With the latest state of technology equipment, we believe that we are able to face the global challenges in the world of packaging.

CPP Line

4.5 meters net width finished CPP films line with five extruders.

Metallizer Lines

2450 TopMet HiRes Metallizer lines.

Slitter Rewinder Lines

A primary and secondary slitter Lines equipped with the latest state of the art camera web inspection systems from Germany.

Dust-Free Work Environment with Good Air Circulation and Positive Air System

In achieving maximum results in any of our products, we implemented quality standards of dust free and good air circulation and Positive Air System in all areas of our production.

Quality Management

In the production process, IPM always apply a strict and integrated standard. It’s already begin since the selection of raw materials, processing of raw materials to become a product that can be used by our partners. Our business partners/customers will always get the best quality for all of our products. IPM will also constantly monitor the satisfaction level of our partners/customers in a series of satisfaction surveys and regular visits.