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Our Business

About us

When you are more than just a customer.

PT Indonesia Pratama Multipak, a company that manufactures Cast Poly Propylene (CPP) film products commonly used to packaged dry foods, confectionary, and many other multiple application.

Located in Krian, Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia, We’ve been established since 2014. As a company that produces CPP and VMCPP, P.T. Indonesia Pratama Multipak is using the latest high-technology equipment, combined with packaging knowledge and also with constant innovations that will guarantee the quality of our products that will be used by our customers.

Vision & Mission


Being a leader in packaging industry, provide the best product quality, timely service delivery, and best after sales services to all of our partners/customers.


Build an intensive ongoing mutual relationship with all partners/customers through the developments and innovations using the latest technology.

Provide excellent service that leads to satisfaction as expected by our partners.

Provide the best service to all partners/customers with a full responsibility and dedication is our commitment. We believe that we will grow together with our partners/customers through creativity and innovation of new inventions.

Goal & Core values


Being able to expand in the regions and establishing close working relationships with partners/customers in developing the packaging industry.

Building a positive image, and become a trusted reliable company in the packaging industry.

Core values

IPM always put honesty, integrity, ethical codes in all levels of its activities